Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring invites creativity

Tile flooring enhances any decorating style. Designs range from rustic to urban, ranging from mosaic to large formats. Hexagon and octagon are trendy shapes. What's more, floor tile can be complemented by backsplashes, wall tile borders, and tile showers. Follow along to learn more about tile floors.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are made of coarse clay and are hardened in a kiln after being formed in the desired shape. These long-lasting tiles are best for spaces that have low or medium-foot traffic. Tile designs tend to be simple, and standard-sized tiles are plentiful. Glazed tiles are waterproof.

Porcelain tile

Porcelain is the most durable tile material on the market. It's a type of ceramic that is made of refined clay. Naturally, waterproof porcelain tiles are fired in the kiln at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles. Installation is labor-intensive because the dense tiles are hard to cut.

Wood or stone look

The most popular porcelain tiles mimic stones and wood species like oak and maple. Wood-look tiles, which often have a miniature plank appearance, can have a textured surface to imitate wood grain. These small 'planks' enhance creative layout patterns.

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Layout patterns

Rather than lay tiles in typical grid fashion, many homeowners opt for one of the many tile flooring patterns, including basketweave, offset, and herringbone. In addition, you can use two contrasting colors for additional visual interest. Black and white is a classic combination.

Radiant heat

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are great heat conductors, so a tile floor combines well with an under-floor radiant heat system. This system is more than a luxurious addition to a bathroom, bedroom, or other living space. It warms rooms evenly and more efficiently.
Tile from Stillwater, OK from Precision Flooring & Design

The final tile flooring look

Factors that influence your new floor's final look include the following:
  • Tile shape, size, and color
  • Spacing between tiles
  • Layout pattern
  • Grout color

Combine all elements successfully, and your floor will enhance the room decor. The floor can be a focal point in the room or blend seamlessly with furniture and accessories.

Your go-to tile flooring store

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