Why is luxury vinyl flooring a homeowner favorite?

Attractive,' 'versatile,' and 'reliable' are the three words that best describe luxury vinyl flooring. So it's not surprising that this flooring is a homeowner's favorite. Precision Flooring & Design brings a large selection of this trendy synthetic floor covering to the Payne County area.

Luxury vinyl flooring is attractive

Many luxury vinyl flooring designs are available, but styles that mimic other flooring materials are most popular. Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring imitates many wood species. Oak, available in many shades, is the top domestic species. A wide variety of exotic species add to the abundance of styles. Trendy LVT flooring mimics stones like slate, travertine, and marble.

Embossed in Register

Some luxury vinyl flooring is textured. This means that planks and tiles feel and look like the materials they imitate. The texturing is created with embossing techniques. Textured vinyl plank flooring is in vogue. With standard brands, texturing is applied randomly. Embossed in Register brands show off embossing that precisely matches the wood grain pattern.

Luxury vinyl is versatile

You can install luxury vinyl anywhere in the home. Planks and tiles:
  • Resist stains
  • Resist scratches and scuffs
  • Tolerate daily wear and tear
They are made to withstand heavy foot traffic

Pet-friendly brands are designed to resist pet accidents. In addition, these highly stain-resistant brands are usually backed by a comprehensive warranty.
Installing luxury vinyl flooring

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Installing luxury vinyl flooring

Each luxury vinyl flooring brand is designed for one of three installation methods to add to its versatility:
  • Glue-down brands are most permanent.
  • Floating floor planks or tiles connect, so they don't need to be attached to a subfloor.
  • Loose lay luxury vinyl flooring butts together.

It's easy to remove and place in a new location.

Vinyl plank and LVT flooring is reliable

Install waterproof luxury vinyl flooring anywhere, and plumbing and moisture problems won't cause damage to the floor. Your new floor will even tolerate standing water. Some flooring manufacturers boast luxury vinyl that has 'survived' a significant flooding event. Because of its composition, luxury vinyl will stand up to water as well as stains and abrasion.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Stillwater, OK from Precision Flooring & Design

Four layers

Luxury vinyl has an easy-to-clean wear layer that protects the high-tech image layer. In addition, the backing layer protects the core layer. Proper installation also ensures a durable product.

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