Laminate flooring is a homeowner's favorite

Laminate is the flooring of choice for many homeowners because it mimics wood, stone, and other popular materials at a budget-friendly price. The high-tech planks and tiles offer warm comfort underfoot, too, even in the coldest times of the year. Read along or visit us today to learn more about laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is excellent for all households

Laminate flooring works well for every type of household, especially with children and pets. Planks and tiles are more than stain- and scratch-resistant. The flooring is designed for easy cleanup when mishaps occur. And it handles water well.

Laminate is water-resistant

Standard laminate is water-resistant. That means water on the flooring surface can be wiped up before causing damage. However, water or spill cleanup must be immediate, or the liquid can seep through to the subfloor and damage the flooring.


Waterproof laminate, in contrast, can tolerate moisture for up to one day. Each manufacturer lists the exact timeframe in the product specifications. Damage may occur if water remains on the flooring beyond this timeframe. ‘As soon as possible’ cleanup is best.

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Composition of laminate flooring

High-definition imaging and deep embossing create laminate wood flooring, ensuring a realistic look. The flooring has four layers: the backing layer is under the fiberboard core layer. The wear layer protects the image layer, and padding may be pre-attached.

AC Rating

It's easy to judge the durability of laminate flooring. When comparing brands, look for the Abrasion Coefficient Rating on the label. An independent entity assigns the rating after rigorous testing on each brand. The brand goes to the marketplace after passing all tests.

Durability and AC ratings

Planks and tiles are subjected to wear and tear, typical in most households. These floors have an "AC" rating for durability. Flooring that is rated AC4 and AC5 is appropriate for commercial applications. High-quality AC3-rated planks and tiles can be expected to serve homeowners well for up to 30 years.

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