Carpet fibers and styles are numerous

Wall-to-wall carpeting looks excellent, and it feels great underfoot. It does more than add warmth to a room. It adds color and texture, too. There are formal and casual styles, and both come in a wide range of colors. Most homeowners choose a synthetic fiber instead of wool. Read on to learn more about the benefits of carpet flooring.

Durable fibers

A wool carpet is durable but costly. Thus, homeowners are most likely to choose fiber for a low-traffic space like a bedroom. Nylon has been the most popular synthetic fiber for decades. However, a nylon carpet retains its original look for many years. Triexta is a newer fiber that wears well.

Pet-friendly brands

Some companies produce carpeting for pet owners. Often, companies use nylon or triexta to construct the carpet. Pet accidents won't damage these brands. In addition, pet-friendly warranties are the norm. This tough, highly stain-resistant carpet flooring is also a good choice for very active households.

More fibers

A polyester carpet is perfect for less active spaces. The fiber is soft, and it’s available in bright colors. In addition, polyester fibers naturally repel liquid, so a carpet has superior stain resistance. The fourth type of fiber, olefin, is water, mold, and mildew resistant. It's a top choice for basements.

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Loop or cut

Carpet is constructed on machines that loop fibers onto a backing. A carpet with a short loop pile is most durable. Loops are cut at the tips to create more styles. With cut pile styles, fibers are twisted for added durability. Fibers that are twisted five or six times won't unravel.

Saxony carpet

Saxony and frieze are cut pile carpet styles. Saxony carpet has an even surface and a dense weave. The relatively short fibers stand up straight. Frieze carpet has long, tightly twisted fibers that begin to curl back upon themselves. Styles tend to be more casual than Saxony styles.

Mohawk and Shaw

Mohawk has been producing carpeting since 1878, and Shaw started in 1946. You can find these premium companies' Made in the USA brands and much more at our carpet stores in Stillwater and Cushing, OK

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