Hardwood flooring is THE choice for ‘dream homes’

There are many exciting new high-tech flooring options in the marketplace today. But the majority of homeowners still choose wood floors for their dream home. With its intricate wood grain patterns, you can't beat the beauty of hardwood flooring. What's more, wood floors bring elegance and sophistication to a space.

Solid wood - unfinished planks

Solid hardwood flooring is available in two types of planks. With the first type, unfinished planks:
  1. Floors are sanded, stained, and sealed in the home. This process, which includes time for acclimation, takes up to two weeks.
  2. Floors are constructed with snugly placed boards that are well sealed.
  3. Floors that are constructed in kitchens are easy to keep clean. Spills cleaned up immediately are NOT likely to seep through to the subfloor.
  4. The floor has a flush look.

Solid wood - prefinished planks

The second type of hardwood flooring is ready for installation. With prefinished planks:
  1. Flooring is sanded, stained, and sealed in the factory.
  2. You can walk on your new floors soon after installation.
  3. Sealant applied to the planks is usually tougher than those surfaced in the home.
  4. Finish warranties are often more extended than those found on site-finished floors because of the tougher sealant.
  5. These floors have a beveled look and are nailed to a wood subfloor.

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Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a viable alternative for homeowners who find solid wood flooring prohibitive in cost or less practical. These floors are durable. Usually, they can be sanded down and refinished once or twice. With engineered wood:
  1. Planks have a base usually made of plywood and a hardwood surface layer.
  2. You can walk on your new floors soon after installation.
  3. Floors can be installed over cement slabs and existing flooring.
  4. Floors look the same in a room as a solid wood floor.
  5. Floors tolerate moisture, unlike solid hardwood.

Precision Flooring & Design offers a large selection of oak, hickory, maple hardwood flooring

Precision Flooring & Design installs all types of hardwood flooring. We bring high quality products and services to an area in Oklahoma that includes Stillwater, OK, Cushing, OK, Perkins, OK, Guthrie, OK, Perry, OK, Chandler, OK, Wellston, OK, Kingfisher, OK, and Enid, OK. We invite you to begin your wood floors upgrade by visiting us. Stop by one of our showroom in Stillwater and Cushing, OK, to compare your favorite hardwood brands.