Sheet vinyl is the time-honored favorite flooring material among budget-conscious homeowners. Homeowners looking for a functional and easy-to-maintain floor covering also favor this material. Most often, it's found in moisture-prone rooms like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. It can be installed, though, in any area of the home. Precision Flooring, located in Stillwater, OK, brings a wide variety of sheet vinyl flooring to folks in Payne County.

Installing vinyl flooring
Sheet vinyl flooring can be installed over wood subfloors and existing hard surface flooring. You can also place them on concrete as long as the surface is clean, smooth, and dry. A sheet can be completely glued down, or it can be glued around the perimeter.

Cut to fit
Vinyl sheet comes on large rolls, so each sheet is custom-fit for the project. Small rooms require one sheet, while larger rooms need two or three sheets. With no or few seams, water and spills remain on the surface where they can be wiped up.

Add padding to your new floor, and you will have an extra cushion beneath your feet. In addition, padding muffles sound and helps to control moisture. It also hides minor subfloor imperfections. Foam is a popular padding material that is appropriate for vinyl sheet brands.

Vinyl flooring maintenance
Vinyl flooring tolerates heavy foot traffic as well as typical wear and tear. In addition, this non-allergenic material does not harbor dirt. Thus, it takes little effort to keep the floor clean. Sweep it daily with a household broom and damp mop, as needed.

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